Quest Bars new design 2015

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Quest Bars have a new box design, possibly in the plastic wrap of the bars as well.

I spotted this on April 22nd, 2015, when these were added as “new products” to iHerb. They aren’t actually new, these are just the same flavours with a different design. However I found the design has a fresher look to it.

You can get Quest Bars as cheap as £12.99 ($19).

I’m not totally sure if this design is really new, but it looks different than the older boxes listed on iHerb. But I believe it is, here’s an instagram post commenting on the new design.

Here’s the Cookies & Cream redesign

Cookies & Cream box redesign 2015
Cookies & Cream box redesign 2015

New Design 2015 (link)

Quest bar box redesign
New Quest Bar design for their boxes for 2015. See designs here

Old Design (link)

Quest bar box old design
Old Quest Bars design. See designs here

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