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Oh Yeah Chocolate & Caramel “Good Grab” is a 45g bar with 15g protein, 4g of sugar and 190 calories.

OhYeah! Chocolate & Caramel bar and box

OhYeah Good Grab Chocolate Caramel

Give yourself a treat with this snack size candy-bar-like of caramel, peanuts and chocolate combination. With healthy fats, low sugar, no trans fats and gluten free, the Oh Yeah Chocolate Caramel is a good grab for your taste buds and macro goals.

Nutrition facts of Oh Yeah Chocolate Caramel

Macros: 7/10

At just 45g, it has 15g of protein, a good amount, but has quite a few calories (190). Quest bars are 60g and some of them have the same amount of calories. By the way, the full size version of this bar (85g) has 27g of protein. They’re the same when it comes to taste, but obviously macros will change from the “good grab” snack version (45g) to the bigger bar (85g).

Ingredient list of Oh Yeah Chocolate Caramel

Ingredients: 7.5/10

Not a huge list of ingredients, and you can pretty much spell them without much worries. These bars use Oh Yeah’s protein blend (whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate, milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate). For its candy look, the bar is reasonably moderate on sugars with 6g of sugar and 15g of sugar alchools (I’ve seen much higher in otherb ars). The bar is gluten free (although not certified) which can be a good sticking point (ahem) for those following a paleo or gluten free diet.

Taste: 8/10

It’s a nice surprise when you unwrap a bar that is considered healthy and looks like a candy bar. The bar has a nougat interior wrapped around a thin and delicious layer of wonderful caramel. It’s then covered with an appealing layer of chocolate on top of the crunchy peanuts.

The chewy nougat interior with the tasty layer of caramel is stickily wonderful, and the peanuts provide a good contrast, giving you the crunch oopmh feeling, and the chocolate of the outer layer add to this mouth watering experience. The sweeteness of the caramel tames the chocolate a bit, so whether you are or are not a chocolate lover, you’ll like the taste that sticks in your mouth.

Overall rating: 8/10

OhYeah’s Chocolate & Caramel is a good grab (pun master?). It isn’t too sweet. You’d thought it would be sweeter by the nougat-caramel look of it, but it will appease most people.

This snack size bar can help with portion control and satisfying your chocolate cravings. These good grab 45g bars taste the same as the 85g bars. While not as your regular clean looking healthy bars (like the Victory line), it is still reasonably a clean treat, and if your local store or online retailer carries this, I recommend you get them because it’s the best from the OhYeah original protein bars.

Buy it on Amazon US , BodyBuilding.com, Amazon UK , or Predator Nutrition.

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