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Carnivor Bar is a 91g bar with 30g protein and 380 calories. It comes in two flavours, Cookies&Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter. They are soft baked and use beef protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate.

Carnivor bar flavours

Carnivor bar nutrition and ingredients

Macros: 8/10

At a whopping 91g, 30g of protein and 380 calories, the Carnivor bar isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a high protein bar for grown-ups. It has only 5g of sugar (it has sugar alchools though). It’s a glorified snickers with great macros.

Ingredients: 7/10

The list of ingredients isn’t too long. Some debatable ingredients, but acceptable. The protein blend used is MuscleMed’s signature hydrolyzed beef protein isolate, with whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate. It uses some soy isolate, sugar alchools (sorbitol, maltitol). There is also corn syrup thrown in there, however it’s mixed in less than 2% of other ingredients. Among those 2% is also wheat protein isolate. Likely a tiny amount, but bear it in mind if you’re celliac or on a gluten-free diet.

Carnivor Bar inside layer and look
Carnivor Bar

Taste: 9/10

In both bars there is an upper, smaller layer over a base chocolate fudge layer.

The cookies and cream has a top of layer of C&C of around 25% of total bar height. It has cookie pieces in its layer, which then give way to the wider and bigger chocolate base layer beneath. The chocolate base is thick, chewy and very filling. The chocolate coating is slighly softer due to its soft baked texture. Although the cookies and cream top isn’t thrilling, the cookies and cream with the bits of chocolate just make the bottom layer more appealing when they blend in your mouth.

The chocolate peanut butter has a similar, top layer of peanut butter with bits of chocolate (camouflaged but noticeable when chewing) over the same fudge brownie layer. Chocolate and peanut butter go well together, and this combinations gives the bar a softer and tastier chewing, as the soft top layer of the bar blends with the thick and savory fudge chocolate base.

While the bar is described as being soft baked, the fudge layer is a bit chewy to go through, although by no means is a jaw workout. I recommend you heat them in the microwave, but careful that you don’t overdo it. The chocolate coating will melt easily and can become sticky, while the cookies and cream will still be dry and the fudge base layer slightly moist. Aim for that though.

Overall: 8.5/10

Musclemed’s Carnivor protein bar will appease to any sweet tooth out there. We are seeing an increase in great protein bars that are glorified candy bars, but with great macros, like Muscle Pharm’s Combat Crunch and Grenade’s Carb Killa.

At 91g and 380 calories, it acts as a meal replacement for some people. Combine that with its 30g of protein and you have a very filling bar. I personally like the chocolate peanut butter bar over the cookies and cream, your opinion may differ. Grab the two varieties and try them. It’s one of those protein bars that you have to try at least once.

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Carnivor bar boxes

Carnivor bar boxes opened

Buy the Carnivor Bar at Amazon UK, Amazon US or

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