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Bulkpowders is selling coconut flour. Except it’s not coconut flour.

It’s dissecated coconut, just more shredded than usual.

Coconut flour and coconut diseccated up close

What is coconut flour?

Coconut flour is the flour made from coconut meat, dehydrated. It’s the left-over produce when making coconut milk (see tip below).

It’s dry, low-fat, medium protein and packed with fiber. It has most of its fat removed and is used a lot in baking. One characteristic of coconut flour is that it sucks up a lot of liquid, hence recipes using it call for lots of eggs. It can have a yellowish colour if toasted in the oven to remove its moisture.

What is dissecated coconut?

Dissecated coconut (or shredded coconut) is the meat grated from the coconut. It’s white in colour and come in a variety of ways, from more shredded (almost powder) to less shredded (flakes). It has all the fat of the coconut.

How is coconut flour made?

Coconut flour can be obtained when extracting coconut oil or making coconut milk. The leftover coconut meat is ground into a fine powder and it can be baked to remove moisture, giving it a slightly yellowish colour.

Making coconut milk and flourTip: You make coconut milk by blending dissecated (shredded) coconut with water, and pouring the result of that into another recipient, using a cheeseclot or nut milk bag (I use this one) to drain the coconut bits out of its fat, squeezing it to the water.

The leftover coconut meat can then be shredded in a food processor and placed in the oven to remove moisture (it will also give it a slightly yellow tone and enhance its coconut scent).

Coconut flour has higher protein and fibre and much less fat than shredded coconut. And this is what Bulkpowders is selling, a more shredded version of disseccated coconut. That’s it. They’re selling you disseccated coconut you can get for cheap at the grocery.

That’s not all they’re doing. They’re also selling peanut flour without the usual defattening that other reputable brands do (like Protein Plus Peanut Flour).

Nutrition facts

These are generalistic nutritional values for coconut flour and desiccated coconut, which will vary slightly by brand.

Coconut flour and diseccated nutrition values
Average nutritional facts of coconut flour vs desiccated/shredded coconut

As you can see, coconut flour has less calories (443 kcal) than desiccated/shredded coconut (660 kcal). Coconut flour has a higher carbohydrate value (59g vs 24g), but a lot of comes from fiber. It also has higher protein content (18g) than shredded coconut (7g).

Now have a look at of Bulkpowder’s “coconut flour.

Bulkpowder's coconut flour nutrition facts
Nutritional values of Bulkpowder’s “coconut flour”.

Which value does this nutritional facts ressemble more? Have a look at the table and you’ll realize bulkpowder’s coconut flour has around the same calories of dissecated coconut. Because it is diseccated coconut.

I’ve bought 2kgs of coconut flour from bulkpowders and realized my mistake. I wrote a review of this on their website but they didn’t put it there. That’s shady.

So if you want to buy overpriced shredded coconut, go buy it at bulkpowders. Just know it’s not coconut flour.

You can buy REAL coconut flour from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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